Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Posts

I am in the process of setting posts guys! My blog will be fully back in working shape May first! See you then!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Sorry I didn't say goodbye but I had so much going on. Those of you who have faithfully followed me know I am getting married. Well, now this is postponed to January. I was busy dealing with that. I've also been dealing with health issues all over the place. My baby sister (okay she's 13 so not really a baby) got super sick. They still have not figured out why she was screaming in pain on a regular basis. She is being sent to a children's hospital for some research. My mom has also been dealing with some pretty big things. I don't want to share that though until I see test results and know whats going on for sure. Long story short, my life has been hectic. Through all this I also just graduated from high school and got 2 new jobs. I'm back though. I have been reading like a mad woman. So this week I will get some posts posted.

XO, Thanks for hanging by me!