Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Split By A kiss

Reviewed by Ashley Thompson Who knew that one kiss could change your life and make you feel like two different people. Thats the case for Jo the nerd and Josie the cool. You’d think snogging the hottest guy in school, Jake Mathews would be a good feeling but all it does is cause confusion. Josie/Jo must figure out who she really is and what she really wants ou of her new life in America. Although it took me a while to get into this book I do think it was worth my time. It shows you that the trouble with fitting in is that you’ll never actually fit in by other peoples standards, only your own.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

13 Little Blue Envelopes will capture your heart with hope and loss. When 17 year old, Ginny receives a mysterious package from her dead aunt asking her to follow directions she feels a rush of emotions. How could she drop what she was doing and head off to Europe just because her “Flaky” aunt says to. Once Ginny decides to go she must be prepared for the unexpected. Will Europe be all that she can hope for or will secrets she wishes she never knew come out of the dust. Ginny must learn to take things as they come and love what she has got.

I believe this is a must read for all teenage girls. Every teen will feel the pain of death and the hope of love at some point of time so it will be easy to connect with Ginny. Maureen Johnson writes in a way in which words flow easy and you can get into the story and feel as if you are living it. We may not have a flaky aunt or ever have the chance to jump on a plane for Europe but life is a adventure and so we all must learn to go with the flow in the same way Ginny must. Three thumbs up for 13 Little Blue Envelopes.

The Band: Finding Love

The Band Finding Love wraps the importance of love and friendship into one. Lily must face the choice of who her true friends are and if love is worth forgetting about her future. Other band members also face love problems. Stinky online girlfriends and trying to be independent can cause for romance problems.When a surprise romance occurs will Amber Road be able to deal or will they all fall apart? I think every teenage girl should read this book. Often we get wrapped up in one aspect of our life, boyfriend or friends and forget the other one. This book teaches you that the key to making it work is balance.

Reviewed by: Ashley T.

Left Behind : Kids

In this captivating tale of kids after the rapture you will feel every mix of emotions possible. These books have deaths and love combined in the perfect mixture. From book one on you follow Vicky, Ryan, Judd and Lyonel through the many problems that arise.

I recommend these books to any Christian teen who wants a adventure story. I liked these books because they drug you in deeper and deeper until you could no longer resist reading another chapter.

Perfect- Sara Shepard

In the amazing third pretty little liars book you will be gripping the edge of your seat. Aria’s life has been completely turned upside down in a way nobody can imagine with out going through it. Emily must face pleasing herself or pleasing her parents. Poor Hanna has fallen prey to the meanest girl in school. Last but not least, Spencer has had her heart broken by not only a guy but her sister as well. Could Melissa be out to get her now?

I think this novel should definitely be read by any teen girl who loves a mystery and someone’s drama that is not her own. You will experience love, hate, horror and excitement. A+ to Sara Shepard!

Every Boy's Got One

Another book in the Boy Series by Meg Cabot. When being forced to go witness her best friend, Holly’s wedding Jane expects things to go perfect. Things seem to not be going that way when modelizer Cal comes too. Cal obviously is falling for Jane and she is obviously falling for him although they want to hate each other. Will passion drag them together as the wedding goes on? Will the wedding even fall through? These are all running through Jane’s mind as the passion and friendship continue through out this dazzling novel.

Although not as great as the previous book “Boy Next Door” it still was a captivating romance novel. I guess in many way’s I would call it the modern fairy tale. I loved the idea of love where you least expect it although in this book it was pretty predictable. I do however recommend this book to romance lovers 13 and older. There are some rather mature aspects in this book.