Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goodbye.... Forever?

5 years ago, this month, I started blogging. 9 months before that I started reviewing (for a company at that time). Today is a very sad day... The day when I must tell you guys that I will no longer be reviewing. I have debated about quitting for the past year. There are many reasons why and since you have all been so loyal to me I will tell you...

Reason number one: It is no longer fun. I am too busy to do something that feels like a chore. When I have to force myself to write reviews, it's time to take a breather. I still love reading though, just not on a schedule.

Reason number two: My husband and I are trying to start a family. Though it could be months or years before I get pregnant (if ever) preparing for that is going to take up some of my time. I am working tons of hours saving for baby H.

Reason number 3: My job. As stated above, I work a lot of hours as a hemodialysis tech. I work 12/13/14 hour shifts 4 or sometimes 5 days a week. That takes away a big chunk of my time.

Reason number 4: Nursing school. I am planning on starting nursing school in a couple months (and yes I am aware that I am crazy). There goes any time I had left.....

Thank you guys for a wonderful 5 years. This has brought me so many great things and I am appreciative of everything. I have a wonderful new friend, Lexi, that I made because of reviewing. I was able to meet some incredible authors. I was the YA interviewer at the West Hollywood Book Fair. I was offered an internship with a well known publisher. All I can say is thank you, over and over again.

   When I get pregnant I may start a pregnancy blog. If I do I will post the information here. Also, who knows... Maybe I will miss reviewing in a few months and come back. For now, Goodbye.

Love you all.

Ps. There are a few more reviews that I set months ago that will appear here. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jewel Thieves: Catch Us If You Can

Jewel Thieves #1: Catch Us If You CanCatch Us If You Can
Hope McLean
From: publisher

For: older kids
grade: B

For Jasmine, Erin, Willow, and Lili, the first year of middle school is shaping up to be pretty awesome. They've been selected for an A-list academic team because of their expertise in art, math, science, and history. The Jewels, as they call themselves, are already winning tournaments. But things heat up when another local team, the Atkinson Prep Rivals, threatens to steal their spotlight.

To further complicate matters, a beloved ruby necklace is stolen from their school, and the Jewels must go undercover with their skills to track down the culprit. Nothing seems to be adding up--until they look to the most unlikely of suspects . . .

My thoughts:
I have recently got a bunch of children's and mid-grade books to review. It has been a nice break from the crazy, drama of adult and young adult books, though I am ready to go back to those now. This was a pretty cute mid-grade novel.

This one was not my favorite of all the ones I have read recently but it was adorable. The girls are fun and their friendship is really inspiring for middle school girls. The drama is at a minimum, which is incredibly hard to find in a lot of books these days.

The story was pretty predictable but it was clean-cut fun. I recommend this to girls 7-13.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist is a feature I started years ago when I began reviewing. I spotlight a book that has been out for awhile that I am dying to read and review. If you have had the privilege of reviewing the book I spotlight please leave a link to your review. I would love to see what you thought...

You Are Not HereYou Are Not Here
Samantha Schutz

Annaleah and Brian shared something special - Annaleah is sure of it. When they were together, they didn't need anyone else. It didn't matter that their relationship was secret. All that mattered was what they had with each other.

And then, out of nowhere, Brian dies. And while everyone else has their role in the grieving process, Annaleah finds herself living outside of it, unacknowledged and lonely.

How can you recover from a loss that no one will let you have?

Why I want to review it:
This book sounds heartbreaking and honest. Just reading the synopsis makes me want to shed a few tears.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Must Monday

Must Monday is a feature I started years ago when I started reviewing. I spotlight one book that is not yet out and that I am dying to read. Here is this weeks choice:

Thousand WordsThousand Words
Jennifer Brown
Little, Brown

Ashleigh's boyfriend, Kaleb, is about to leave for college, and Ashleigh is worried that he'll forget about her while he's away. So at a legendary end-of-summer pool party, Ashleigh's friends suggest she text him a picture of herself — sans swimsuit — to take with him. Before she can talk herself out of it, Ashleigh strides off to the bathroom, snaps a photo in the full-length mirror, and hits "send."

But when Kaleb and Ashleigh go through a bad breakup, Kaleb takes revenge by forwarding the text to his baseball team. Soon the photo has gone viral, attracting the attention of the school board, the local police, and the media. As her friends and family try to distance themselves from the scandal, Ashleigh feels completely alone — until she meets Mack while serving her court-ordered community service. Not only does Mack offer a fresh chance at friendship, but he's the one person in town who received the text of Ashleigh's photo — and didn't look.

Why I want to read it:
Sexting is a really big deal for high school kids these days. I had a best friend get mixed up in years ago, when picture messaging was still a new thing, as was teens having cell phones. Back before they even had laws defining that it was illegal.  I have not read a book about it, so this sounds really good. I'm hoping for some real honesty.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Little Book of Sex Secrets (ADULT REVIEW)

This review is for adults only. If you are under 18 please skip this post...  Thanks!

The Little Book of Sex Secrets: Red-Hot Confessions, Fantasies, Techniques & DiscoveriesThe Little Book of Sex Secrets
Nicole Bailey
From: Publisher

Grade: B

What it's about: 
Whether as a naughty read at bedtime, a quick peek for excitement while you're traveling, or an ecstatic experience to savor with your lover, this hot little book will leave you inspired. Nicole Bailey, renowned for her guides to sizzling sex play, shares sensational sexploits, no-holds-barred erotic fantasies, and mind-blowing, eye-opening tips. From the art of seduction and super-sensual massage to Tantric techniques, stunning stripteases, and the wicked world of power games, The Little Book of Sex Secrets has it all—with plenty of revealing photos, too!

My thoughts: 
I am happily married, coming up on our first anniversary. I do not usually review books like this but it sounded fun and our anniversary trip is approaching (1 week from tomorrow) so I went for it. I am happy that I did.

This book featured snippets from real people on what they enjoy. I found that to be my favorite part. It was like getting the inside scoop from your best friend. A lot of the things people shared were outside the box. It was fun to see what other couples do to keep the spark alive.

There were some fun ideas provided by the author. Most of them are pretty common, like what you find in an issue of Cosmo. There were some adventurous ones though, such as making your own sex tape.

This book had lots of pictures. They were very sexual but I thought they were tastefully done. If they would offend you then this book is not for you.

I recommend this to my ADULT readers who want to add some spark.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Kate Cann

For: teens
Grade: B

The thrilling sequel to Possessed!

Sixteen year-old Rayne is still entwined in the creepy history of Morton's Keep -- and about to discover that she's the only one who can stop the evil lurking there.

Rayne doesn't know who to trust -- even the ghosts of Morton's Keep seem to be warning her that the place is dangerous. It's up to Rayne to overcome the evil forces. But how?

My thoughts:
I reviewed Possessed a few years ago and loved it. Since then I have been meaning to read this book but lack of time and too many books to review had kept me from it. I am glad I was able to finally find the time.

This book starts off shortly after where the first one ends. I was pleasantly surprised by that. Rayne thinks the horror of Morton's Keep is over but she quickly realizes that she was horribly wrong. With the help of Ethan she has to figure out who is forcing the evil out again and why.

This book started off a little slow, as did the first book. It took me five or six chapters to really want to keep reading. I remembered that about the first book though so I pushed through. After it starts picking up the book becomes very hard to put down. My poor husband was forced to fall asleep with my reading light on (I blame him because he said I could read in bed) when he had to be up a bright and early.

This book doesn't get as scary as Possessed did. I remember having to put Possessed down when it got dark out because it was freaking me out. It did seem more violent though. There were quite a few mentions of throat slitting!

I recommend this book to fans of Possessed. If you have not yet read Possessed you should! It's a fabulous, chill producing, book!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist is a feature I started years ago when I began reviewing. I spotlight a book that is already out (and has been for awhile) that I am dying to read and review. If you have reviewed the book I spotlight feel free to leave me your link. I would love to see what you thought.  *sorry the formatting is weird*

The Ivy (The Ivy Series #1)

The Ivy

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the most prestigious university in the world. Now what are you going to do?

Callie Andrews may not have money or connections or the right clothes, and she may have way too many complications in her love life, what with—

the guy she loves to hate ...

the guy she'd love to forget ...

the guy she'd love to love ...

and Matt
the guy she really should love ...

—all vying for her attention.

But she has three fantastic roommates (best friends or her worst nightmare?) and a wholesome California-girl reputation (oops) and brains and beauty and big, big dreams.

Will it be enough to help her survive freshman year at Harvard?

Why I want to review it: 
This sounds like it will be incredibly twisting and full of drama! Just what the doctor ordered for my boring life :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lights, Camera, Girl Power!

LEGO Friends: Lights, Camera, Girl Power! (Chapter Book #2)Lights, Camera, Girl Power!
Cathy Hapka
From: publisher

For: older kids
Grade: B

Best friends Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea, and Stephanie can't want to enter the contest to be a guest on their favorite TV show,"Girl Power"! In order to win, each girl must capture the "heart" of their hometown, Heartlake City. May the best girl win!

My thoughts:
This was my second Lego Friends book this week! Though this one was not quite as cute as the first, I still found it to be a great choice.

It is written at a pretty basic reading level. It is perfect for kids who are just starting out on chapter books.  There are pictures throughout all the chapters which adds to the ease of reading it.

The girls in this book are great role models. They are older than most girls who would be reading this book so that is very important. Though there is a competition going on between the girls they are still willing to help each other because that's what friends do! A perfect reminder in this day and age.

I recommend this to girls 5-10 years old and elementary school librarians.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Must Monday

Must Monday is a feature I started years ago where I spotlight a book that is not yet out and I am dying to read and review it. Here is this weeks choice:

How (Not) to Find a BoyfriendHow (Not) To Find a Boyfriend
Allyson Valentine

Sophomore Nora Fulbright is the most talented and popular new cheerleader on the Riverbend High cheer squad. Never mind that she used to be queen of the nerds—a chess prodigy who answered every question first, aced every test and repelled friends at every turn—because this year, Nora is determined to fully transition from social pupa to full blown butterfly, even if it means dumbing down her entire schedule. But when funny, sweet and very cute Adam moves to town and steals Nora’s heart with his untra-smarts and illegally cute dimple, Nora has a problem. How can she prove to him that she’s not a complete airhead? Nora devises a seemingly simple plan to barter her way into Adam’s classes that involves her classmates, friends—and her older brother Phil’s award-winning AP history paper. But soon, Nora can barely keep track of her trades, and struggles to stay in control of her image.

In the end, the only thing that can save Nora is a chess tournament—that she has to compete in wearing her cheerleading uniform. Can she prove to everyone that she can be both a butterfly and a nerd?

Why I want to review it:
This sounds incredibly easy to relate to. Though I was never the "pretty cheerleader" I did spend some time trying not to be "the smart girl". Didn't exactly work out, and I still ended up graduating top of my class but it was fun! I can't wait to see if Nora knows the secret to living in both worlds! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

LEGO Friends: New Girl in Town

LEGO Friends: New Girl in Town (Chapter Book 1)New Girl in Town
Marilyn Easton
From: the publisher

Grade: A
For: children

Olivia is new in town, and she can't wait to make new friends. So she volunteers to help out at the pet adoption booth at the Heartlake City World Petacular.

But when one of the puppies escapes, it destroys all the hard work that Andrea, Emma, Mia, and Stephanie have put into the Petacular! So much for making friends . . . in just a few minutes, Olivia's made four brand-new enemies.

There's only one way to repair the damage - teamwork! Can Olivia, Andrea, Emma, Mia, and Stephanie work together to put things right in time for the Petacular?

My thoughts:
I will admit that I love a children's book from time to time. I like to blame it on the fact that I am married and have baby on the brain but in reality I think a part of me likes going back to such an easy time! This book was able to do just that.

The girls in this book seem like teenagers but it is written the level for kids just starting to read chapter books. I'm sure I would have loved this book at that point in my life. The girls seem so "cool" and "grown-up". If you are not against your daughter fantasizing about being older than this would be a fabulous book to purchase for her. As crazy as it gets is a girl blushing over a boy...

The story was adorable and very upbeat. Even when there were struggles the girls kept a positive outlook. I think the is pretty important when it comes to books our children are reading.

I would recommend this for girls 5-10 and all elementary school librarians.