Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some personal news...

Hey everyone! I usually don't to get to detailed in my personal life, with only tid bits of info. Today I'm gonna share something that's really on my mind.

I was planning on doing Wednesday Wish List as usual but this morning at 6:30 we got a phone call. My Great Grandma was in the hospital. I was very close to her. At the hospital we were told she was in the ICU and had a tube down her throat. That alone was upsetting because she is 90 and has signed a DNR (meaning don't try to safe her life if its her time).

Finally after hours of waiting in the waiting room we were told she has a staph infection, that she was not breathing on her own at all, and had very low blood pressure. Her daughter, who is not my aunt. told me I couldn't see her. I wasn't having that so I was allowed in. To see her I had to wear a gown and gloves.

I held her hand and told her I loved her, that it would all be okay. I have never had to say goodbye, never had the chance. I must say that was the hardest thing to do. It is now up to her daughter on when to turn off the machines keeping her alive.

Happy new year to me...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wedding Memories (7th Heaven)

"I hope that wasn't a bad omen."

Wedding Memories by Amanda Christie

~Break it down~

Characters 10/10

Uniqueness 8/10

Plot 9/10

Well-developed 8/10

Language 10/10
sexual content 8/10
Violence 9/10
Darkness 10/10
~From the Back~
Lucy's wedding was the happiest, most romantic day of her life. It was the day she and Kevin promised to love each other forever. After a less-than-perfect start, Lucy had her perfect wedding. But who knew that after the wedding ended, more Camden chaos would begin? For better or worse!
~My Thoughts~
7th Heaven has forever been my favorite TV show. Even the worst problems end up solved in that family! This book was really good although it could have been better. I will admit I was a little shocked by the last sentence but overall it was a good, clean book for younger readers. Older fans who were around to watch the show, before re-runs, will also love this clean romantic comedy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Coming Soon Must Monday- Two

It's week two of coming soon must Monday and we have two great books!

Cover Image Beautiful Americans looks great. I think the cover is really pretty. You can buy this book January 8th.
Cover Image 3 Willows is bound to be fantastic! Another generation in the sisterhood! You can buy this book January 13th.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekly Mail Call

This week was slow, even with Christmas!
Sea of Love is to review for BookDivas

Wicked is just a for fun read. I bought it.

Oh... I also got a magazine? count for anything?


December: Book of the month

I just realized I have not picked a book of the month for December, so last notice but...

This months pick is:
Riding in Cars With Boys by Beverly Donofrio

This memoir shows the authors drug usage, how she gets pregnant young and how she eventually strives. I read this book when I was to young but I was thinking about the movie today and realized just how good it is. Inspirational and funny all in one. What a package :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

I love your blog awards...

I was nominated yet again so I decided to post it! Thanks to all you guys!!!
[I+heart+your+blog.png] This time I was nominated by:

I have decided to nominate:

Okay, after recieving this adward you,1) Add the logo of your award to your blog.2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

This was hard you guys, I love you all! These were just some off the top of my head.

Fab Friday-Week One

Hello and welcome to Fab Friday. What is Fab Friday? Well, its a day when I feature a blog that I love. If you'd like involved please feel free to email me and I'll visit your blog, then email you some questions!

This week I'd like to welcome Laina of Just don't expect her to know the link off the top of her head. She told me she cant remember it to save her life.

I also wanted to know how and why she started this blog. She told me "I actually explained this in my first review, and the story still amuses me. I started it because a friend of mine said I should start a book blog because she loved my reviews. Proving I was a genius, I said, "But they aren't reviews, they're just what I think of the books I've read." But that'd put the idea in my head, and I decided one day, when I was extremely bored, to start one. " That actually is an interesting story, much better then my own.

Twelve people subscribe to her blog, she thinks that's pretty cool.

Her advice for new bloggers, "... ask other bloggers questions. Read lots and lots of different blogs to get an idea of what you want to do, what you like or don't like in a blog. Ask to do link exchanges, offer to do guest blogs, talk on people's chatboxes, put it in your signature if you're on a site like Book Divas, and, oh, I once read that you should never go more than a week between blog posts. Now, I know I'm sometimes guilty of putting reviews off, so a really good tip is to write some reviews in advance and save them. That'll save you if you're in a pinch, trust me."

Her favorite review she has written is "...the very first one I did, which was The Silver Kiss. It amuses me and I looooved that book." I asked her for a snippet and this is what we got, "A snippet of that review? Okay... how about the beginning. "*Ahem. Please excuse me for a moment. I'm about to lose all dignity.
*Okay, I'm done. I'm back. I have (some) dignity again. I'm good. That amuses me."
I just think that is too funny!

Well Laina, I must say your blog will always have my vote! Great job and keep up the good work!
So who's next?!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's Christmas and all of my presents are open for now. Until my aunt and uncle get here. Surprisingly no books! Wow, a first. Guess I'll be spending some Christmas money and gift cards on... BOOKS!

Have a good day guys! I will be busy playing guitar hero!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone! Christmas has finally come! Tomorrow is the day. I wanted to let you know that there will be no review tomorrow as I have way to much family here to read a lot. I bet your wondering what is still to come...

~A Guest review as soon as my friend is ungrounded and able to email it to me.
~ A review of a younger kid book.
~A Review of a book coming to theaters
~Much more...

So if it takes me a few days to post I'm sorry. I will possibly post a list of book I got for Christmas tomorrow but if not stay tuned.

May your stockings be stuffed, your tree full of gifts for you.
But most of all may your fire be going with a good book in your hand.

Be safe!

Wednesday Wishlist

It's Christmas eve so this will be another extended list.
She's So Money by Cherry Cheva will be released January 6th.
Bliss by Lauren Myracle (Ah I just love, love, love Lauren!)
Take Me There by Susane Colasanti (Just look at that cover!)
This is the cover of the first Triple Shot Betty book. Both sound good.
Smart Boys & Fast Girls by Stephie Davis
Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer
Stephenie Meyer (need I say more?)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


"...know I'm alive, despite the living death."
Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
~Break it Down~
Characters 9/10
Uniqueness 10/10
plot 9/10
well developed 9/10
Grade: 37/40
Language 6/10
Sexual Content 5/10
Violence 8/10
Darkness 5/10
Rating: 24/40
~From the Back~
Act on your impulses, swallow the bottle, cut a little deeper, put the gun to your chest.
Tony's painful childhood memories can be quelled only through pills. Vanessa has a secret that keeps her coming back to the blade. And Connor seems to have the perfect life on the outside, but his inward battle with his parents, his peers, and himself give him one last choice-to pull the trigger.
~My Thoughts~
This book was great but definitely not for younger readers. It faces suicide, abuse and rape in a way that a lot of books avoid. This novel was dark on its own but the fact that it was exactly 666 pages long added to the chill factor. I'd recommend this book to teens who like dark stories or people interested in psychology.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Best Books of 2008

I was clicking around online and found a list on with the best books of 2008! I'm featuring a few sections. Take a look and comment!

~Best books from Teen Reads that I've read~
Airhead by Meg Cabot! My review here:

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. My review:

Bratfest at Tiffany's by Lisi Harrison.

~Best Books I Plan To Read~

Cruel Summer How to be Bad Identical
Alyson Noel Ellen Hopkins

Lock and Key The Tales of Beedle What I Saw and How
the Bard I Lied
Sarah Dessen J.K. Rowling Judy Blundell

The Carlyles Breaking Dawn
Cecily von Ziegesar Stephenie Meyer

~Should Have Beens~

The Juliet Club Wicked
Suzanne Harper Sara Shepard

What do you think should have made the list?

Coming Soon Must Monday- One

This is a feature where I show some books that have yet to be released.

The School for Dangerous Girls will be released January 1st. Just take a look at the cover. Isn't it intriguing? This will be on my birthday list for sure!

book cover of 

Hollywood Royalty 

 (The A-List: Hollywood Royalty, book 1)


Zoey Dean The A list: Hollywood Royalty comes out January 1st. We all loved the first series, this one is just bound to be at least that amazing.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guest Review

Please welcome... Chelsie of

Title: Ever

Author: Gail Carson Levine

Falling in love is never easy, but falling in love with an immortal god while your days on earth are numbered is almost more than a young girl can bear. Newbery Honor author Gail Carson Levine has created a stunning new world of flawed gods, unbreakable vows, and ancient omens in this spellbinding story of Kezi, a girl confronted with a terrible destiny. Attempting to thwart her fate, Kezi and her love, Olus -- the god of wind and loneliness -- embark on a series of dangerous and seemingly impossible quests.

Rating: 3/5

Normally, I'm a huge fan of Gail Carson Levine's novels. I loved The Two Princesses of Bamarre (it's my favorite of hers) and when I read Fairest I absolutely adored that as well. I also enjoyed and wrote positive amazon reviews for the rest of hers. So, naturally, when I started Ever I expected it to be just as good.
Unfortunately that wasn't the case.
The idea was actually pretty interesting; a girl is going to die, the guy tries to save her. Exciting, huh? Well, in typical Levine fashion, it's a fantasy/fairy tale, so add in the fact that the guy happens to be an immortal God. Which didn't bother me too much... it made it exciting.
It's really hard to tell where it all went wrong for me, but it just didn't work as well as I would have hoped. One of my main problems was that it all seemed like things were thrown in just for convenience... like everything was one big coincidence. The book didn't flow as well as I would have hoped, and it all sounded so completely ridiculous... a fantasy should at least have some believability... and Ever just didn't have it.
There was one redeeming quality, and that was the religious aspect. I am not a huge fan of religion, but somehow I could see how Kezi's religious struggles (believing in only one God and having the confusion of finding out the existence of others) would be easy to relate to in today's society. I personally can relate, because I am one of those people who is confused about religion and what to believe in, so Kezi's confusion really struck a chord. It was subtle, but there. And that was what made me enjoy the novel; if I hadn't been able to relate to that one bit, I don't think I would have been able to finish it.

A special thanks to Chelsie for this wonderful review! Anyone interested in doing a guest review may email me at


Okay so snow usually makes me want to curl up and read. Well I live in Oregon (a part that doesnt get much snow, ever) and we have over a foot of snow now! I am guilty of not reading and staring at the falling flakes. There for there will be no review today, even though I had planned one! Sorry Guys!
Anyways... Whats the weather doing where your at?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekly Mail Call

This week was slow. Only two books.

A present for my little sister. Think she'll like it?
Sarah Dessen is pretty much amazing. Paperback swap!!!


"Then there are stories about the cold ones."

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

~Break it Down~

Characters 10/10

Uniqueness 10/10

Plot 10/10

Well-developed 10/10

Grade: 40/40 = 100%

language 9/10

sexual content 8/10

violence 6/10

darkness 5/10

grade 28/40= 70%

~From the Book~
About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him- and I didn't know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

~My Thoughts~
Anyone who knows me knows what I thought of Twilight. Ew, a vampire story! I'll be the first to admit, I was so wrong. I must say you all didn't do it justice though. Yes it is a vampire story and yes it is a love story. Nobody told me about all the quirky characters and all the passion that shouldn't exist. I'm happy to announce, I am a new Twilight fan! But just because you guys got me this time doesn't mean I'm converting to fantasy lover.