Tuesday, March 25, 2008

13 Little Blue Envelopes

13 Little Blue Envelopes will capture your heart with hope and loss. When 17 year old, Ginny receives a mysterious package from her dead aunt asking her to follow directions she feels a rush of emotions. How could she drop what she was doing and head off to Europe just because her “Flaky” aunt says to. Once Ginny decides to go she must be prepared for the unexpected. Will Europe be all that she can hope for or will secrets she wishes she never knew come out of the dust. Ginny must learn to take things as they come and love what she has got.

I believe this is a must read for all teenage girls. Every teen will feel the pain of death and the hope of love at some point of time so it will be easy to connect with Ginny. Maureen Johnson writes in a way in which words flow easy and you can get into the story and feel as if you are living it. We may not have a flaky aunt or ever have the chance to jump on a plane for Europe but life is a adventure and so we all must learn to go with the flow in the same way Ginny must. Three thumbs up for 13 Little Blue Envelopes.

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Hope. said...

I loved this book!

Glad you enjoyed it, too. :D

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