Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kristen: The Clique Summer Collection

Through out the clique books we often find ourselves wondering ,who is Kristen and how does she fit in here? This novel helps answer that question.

She is a girl who is stuck between two worlds. The one she wants (to be rich like Massie) and the one she has (middle class like Dune). She often feels poor because of her high class, to wealthy friends but we finally see that she's like most people, stuck in the middle.

Kristen loves Dune. Skye loves Dune. How will she ever figure out how to be the one he wants? With a little help from the Witty Committee and a lot of help from red jell-o she might just end up on Dune's side. Or with the security involved will she find herself grounded forever?

I recommend this book to clique fans because it makes the series a little more personal. We find out more in this one book about Kristen then in all the past clique books together. I must say Kristen is so down to earth and easy to connect with its incredible!

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