Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Blogging

I recently read a post by Kristi of fame. She was talking about reviewing and bloggers fighting for their right to review. It really had a huge influence on me.

I have been thinking about reviewing a lot recently. Why is it that the whole concept of reviewing seems to have evolved so greatly in the almost 3 years I have had this blog up and running? When I started reviewing on this blog I would never have expected to receive so many books to review. I did start knowing I would get books because I was asked to review for a book site that I was a member of. I didn't need a blog but I CHOSE to make one. I CHOSE to share my love of ALL books, not just free ones. I was expecting to get 2 books a month max. Suddenly it grew and I was ecstatic.

I had to work my way up there, but even if I had never made it I would still be here. I would still be sharing my book love with you all. Recently I have met some reviewers who EXPECT free books. I have also had a real life experience with someone who said they wanted to start a blog so they could "get just as many books as you, free". That really bothers me. Reviewing shouldn't be about that!

I love all the new reviewers and I welcome them with open arms. I just wish people would stop feeling so entitled. I feel bad for the newer reviewers. They are being given a bad name by a small group.

Sorry for this semi-pointless post. I just needed another chance to reiterate, REVIEWING IS A LOVE not A WAY TO GET FREE BOOKS.

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