Monday, October 27, 2008

Book Of the Month for October: Living Dead Girl

Everywhere I turn someone is reading Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. What is it about this novel that makes people addicted? For the next few days, till the end of this month we will take a close look.
Book stats:
Title: Living Dead Girl
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Suggested age: 14+(me) 16+(publishers)
rating: *****(5) out of *****(5)

No matter where you look online we hear of living dead girl. It has been called a book that demands to be talked about along with being called a book you will want to shred (but enjoy).
Maybe we can not enjoy this book in the usual la la la way but its horrid gripping details demand to learned. So the big question here is why would I recommend a book so nasty and full of hate? Because thats the thing.... It let us look so far into the characters minds you started to feel hypnotized, to beleive you were actually living the story.

I wanna know what you guys have to say. Let me know!


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Laina said...

I want this book, I can't wait to read it.