Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey everyone,
I'm working really hard to get my blog some more publicity. I actually plan on another contest starting up soon. If you are a author reading this and have any reviewer copies please email me at or even if you'd like to do a guest review on my blog. I thought I'd talk about a few new things....

Guest Reviews: Every month or so I'd like to have someone (another reviewer) review a book of their choice. I would post their review on my blog, getting there blog some more publicity as well. If your interested email me.

Contests: I am going to try and have more contests. Authors wishing to donate a book please let me know.

Book of the month: Every month I will have a specific book that I will feature. Suggestions are welcome, comments appreciated.

Lastly, as some of you know I run a book club, which is going pretty well. As we are reading a book I will post some stuff on here, that way there may be less spoilers for those of you who could not read it with us.

Please feel free to comment on here and continue to check back. Lets make this blog a success!

Xo, Ashley


Laina said...

I'd love to be a guest reviewer. Thanks so for asking!

teenreadersgather said...

Please just email me with what book you'd like to do. You'll be number one

Laina said...

Cool, sure.