diva.jpgHaley’s life seems to be going alright. She has a great job at the school newspaper’s gossip column and two best friends. She would have never guessed that one juicy piece of gossip could ruin her life badly.When Haley publishes a piece about the popular girls party that girl’s dad calls off her end of school trip. Haley instantly becomes Haley the Ho in a plan to ruin her little life she has left.

As the school years draws to a close Haley is glad to be getting away from it all and going away for the summer. But what happens when her biggest nightmare shows up in town? Will Haley finally have the courage to share her trauma’s with the world one someone is physically hurt?

When I received this Novel in the mail I could instantly tell I was gonna love it. The cover picture was amazing and the way it draws you in quickly as well. I was able to connect very well with Haley because I have been bullied in my life and not wanted to stir things by telling. I believe every female on this planet can connect with a character in some way through out this book. Because lets face it… Us girls can be nasty!