juliet.jpg“Given enough time, even the impossible becomes possible.” This is a quote from the gripping tale of love and lust that is called The Juliet Club. Kate has been hurt one to many times and is done with love. Never again will she allow her body to suffer through the pain of lost love. When she receives news of her upcoming trip to Italy for a Shakespeare seminar she is determined that she will not find love ever again. But as a prank unfolds what is that emotion pounding deep inside her heart? Could it be love or is it simply nothing at all?

I quite enjoyed this book. I found it really refreshing compared to a lot of other novels I have read recently. It seems that all the books are about teen drama but this really brought me back in time to a world in which everything seemed to have to be black or white with no in between. I highly recommend this tale of passion, hope and love to anyone who is ready for a new kind of book to grip their heart. Love wont be lost, it cant be.