Sunday, May 4, 2008

Everyboy's got One

boy.jpgAnother book in the Boy Series by Meg Cabot. When being forced to go witness her best friend, Holly’s wedding Jane expects things to go perfect. Things seem to not be going that way when modelizer Cal comes too. Cal obviously is falling for Jane and she is obviously falling for him although they want to hate each other. Will passion drag them together as the wedding goes on? Will the wedding even fall through? These are all running through Jane’s mind as the passion and friendship continue through out this dazzling novel.

Although not as great as the previous book “Boy Next Door” it still was a captivating romance novel. I guess in many way’s I would call it the modern fairy tale. I loved the idea of love where you least expect it although in this book it was pretty predictable. I do however recommend this book to romance lovers 13 and older. There are some rather mature aspects in this book.

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