speak.jpgThe captivating tale of first times. First drink of alcohol, first party and loss of innocence. Melinda has the perfect life. Great friends and is going to her first party. It turns out firsts aren’t always so great. Something happens at that party that is horrible. Melinda cant force herself to Speak up about it so now everyone hates her. She called the cops from the party after the occurrence. She sees It in the hallways. She sees It in MISS. For some reason Melinda is seeing It everywhere. In this story of courage and speaking up she learns that holding her pain in is holding her back from the life she wants to live.

I not only recommend this book to those who have a painful secret I recommend it to all teen girls. Everyone will have something happen in their life that they will keep secret be it big or small. This book helps explain why keeping your grief in is not always a good thing. It also will help open your eyes to the reality that you can move on through problems and overcome obstacles. Good Job on this wonder full novel, Speak.