Friday, May 30, 2008

Perfect Girl

What happens if your suddenly in love with your best guy friend? Who can you turn to when the only woman figure in your life is a mom who obviously knows nothing on men? Ruthie faces these tough problems within a matter of minutes. Finally she decides to call her aunt who runs the advice on mens section of a magazine, feeling like it's her only option. Because her mother has a thing or to against her sister things are rather nasty around the house for a while. Will they ever manage to be a happy family ever again or will things continue to spiral down?

This book felt like a modern fairy tale to me. Girl loves best friend. Best friend loves girl. Girl realizes the sparks just aren't there. Girl falls for perfect boy. In that way it made me feel connected. There are always times when our hearts tell us something completely different than what our mind is telling us. Ruthie has a little of everyone inside her. She is afraid to get hurt, afraid to hurt others. She is also outgoing and can be a tad strong willed. I believe everyone will find part of themselves in this story of life, love and hurt.

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