Friday, June 12, 2009


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The Blonde of the Joke
Bennett Madison

Grade: B-
Rating: R for extreme f-bombs and sexuality

Summary: (from barnes and noble) The reinvention of good-girl Valentina Martinez comes in the guise of a hootchie makeover and shoplifting, all thanks to her naughty new best friend Francie Knight, who walks into class the first day of school wearing nothing but an aqua tube top and gold hot pants. Francie takes Val under her wing: She cuts and bleaches her hair, bestows on her similarly skimpy clothes, and the two hit the mall. Readers may well be dumbfounded that Val so easily slides into the life of a criminal, but Madison builds Val's desperation for attention and friendship so convincingly that they have no choice but to go with it. The Gap, Spencer Gifts and other familiar suburban haunts all fall victim to their exploits; Madison's snarky, near-satirical tone, chock-a-block with dozens of hilarious "oh no she didn't!" moments, keeps the plot from getting too cautionary. What results is a ridiculous, riotous, tongue-in-cheek mad dash through the mall where everything is not as it seems and where the cheap jokes and the bounty grow like apples on trees.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed most parts of this novel. In my opinion the swearing was a bit excessive but it was also needed as description in certain parts. The sexual nature of this book leaned a tad toward the creepy side. At sometimes they made the characters sound 13 or 14. I don’t know any 14 year olds who dress so trampy and deal with sexual advances in these ways. The story could have kept my attention a little better if the plot wasn’t so “out there”. Yes shoplifting is at large in teens, but what the hell is with the Holy Grail crap? I have never heard of a teen who shoplifts in search of freaking holy item. Whatever floats your banana boat I guess?

Recommendation: This book could be enjoyed by high school students who don’t mind how out there the plot tended to be. I would say nobody under 14 should read it but in the end it’s up to you or your parents judgment. My 12 year old sister will NOT be reading my copy anytime soon.

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luckygirl1112 said...

I do know some that dress that trampy. Sadly. But I agree that there probably dosen't need to be that much bad stuff in a book labled for teens.