Friday, July 22, 2011


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After the drama of discovering that she’s a member of the Storks, a mystical order of women endowed with powerful abilities, Katla Leblanc is finally settling into her life in chilly Minnesota. In fact, the ex-California girl even hopes for a white Christmas. But Katla’s wintry wish unexpectedly turns into the snowstorm of the century, drawing the attention of Brigid, a gorgeous environmental researcher with an amazing array of fur coats and an unusual interest in Katla’s boyfriend, Jack.

Enticing, Invigorating, Enthralling, Aggravating, and Explosive! This book is a great second course to a fantastic starter! The story really grabs you and draws you in, and like any great writing you invest yourself in you’re bound to find yourself taking sides and hoping your heroes find their way safely through the obstacles impeding them.

Probably, what I loved most about this book would be how it takes magical figures and embodies them in the normal lives of everyday people. And let’s get real here, who hasn’t honestly wished they were a little less than ordinary?

Overall, I’d rate this book a 12+A. Really great, quick read, and definitely one that you can cozy up to.

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The Book Obsession said...

Great review! This books looks so good and original. I'll be checking it out after its release.

~Lizzie @ The Book Obsession