Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pretty Little Liars interview

I was recently invited to an interview of Ian Harding (Ezra on the ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars). I wanted to share some of what he had to say.

Moderator Why do you think people love Ezra and Aria’s relationship so much?

I. Harding I think because it’s so right, and like there’s a connection that is undeniable and kind of once in a lifetime. But I think the problem is the circumstances; it’s that kind of element of forbidden love that it needs to happen, but oh it can’t happen, and so it’s them trying to work it out and trying so hard to just make this love happen. I think people can really relate to that and really love that.

Moderator How do you view the current status of Ezra and Aria’s relationship?

I. Harding It’s always a fluctuating status. The moment that it starts to kind of hit a plateau of ease and of happiness somebody gets shaken up A, because it’s a TV show, but B, because their lives are very strenuous; just the student/teacher relationship, even though it’s changed a little bit. It can be difficult, on top of just Aria has stuff that she’s keeping from Ezra because it’s so crazy I think in some ways she doesn’t think he’ll believe it. So it’s always it’s a very material relationship, to say the least.

Moderator Could you speak a little bit about how things are different for you to shoot when you’re filming a scene with just you and Lucy versus you and the whole cast?

I. Harding Lucy and I have a comfort zone that’s otherworldly in the sense of like we had to take a photograph, I won’t say specifically for what, but there is something where we just had to be affectionate. And it’s gotten to the point where I remember when we first starting shooting if we were going to do a make out scene we were literally brushing our teeth beforehand and flossing and chewing all kinds of gum, and now we’re lucky if the other person has brushed their teeth at all prior to a make out scene. So there’s definitely a comfort level there that is pretty unique. When it’s the whole cast it’s just very professional when we’re actually shooting, but in between takes it’s pretty goofy.

Moderator What has been your favorite scene or episode to shoot and why?

I. Harding There was one episode recently that I can’t really talk about, because it does give it away just simply by explaining it, that’s probably my favorite just because it was so much fun to shoot. It was really loose on set and everybody was having a good time.

The last episode where I left Rosewood High School was a lot of fun to shoot because it was with all the girls and they would try and distract me. I would try and distract them, and it was just quite funny—because it was so like heartfelt and everything we made light of it in between takes by ridiculing each other.

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Great interview, I liked the glance into Harding's background.