Saturday, August 18, 2012

Atlanta, GA

I am about to make my very first trip to Atlanta. My parents recently moved just outside the city. I will be there August 29th- September 3rd. I will be attending the Decatur Book Festival for at least one day. So I am curious to see if any of you guys will also be attending? If so, comment below or email me. Also if you live in the area or have been to the area what is your favorite thing to do there?


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Shalonda said...

Oh how I miss the Atlanta area. We moved from there a little over a year ago, and there is not a day that I don't miss it. The Decatur Book Festival is such a fun event! You may want to try to contact Vania of Vania's Life Captures. She usually puts together a fun get together for YA bloggers and authors before the festival begins on Saturday. Have fun!