Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reviewing over the years

    As some of you may have noticed I am updating some stuff on my blog. The biggest thing I have done would be starting a running list of every book I have reviewed. I am nowhere near done with that but I have made a small dent.

    While making this list I have been looking back on every post I have ever made. I am beyond embarrassed by some of them. You can tell that when I started I was a young high school girl. My reviews were super short and there were quite a few personal posts. I was mortified when I saw the post about having my heart broken BUT then I stopped to think.

    At the time that was not an embarrassing post. When I started reviewing back in 2009 the book review community was pretty small and very close. I had GREAT friends that I made through reviewing. I still text and email with a couple of them on a regular basis. These people actually cared that my heart was hurting because we were friends!

    Over the years the community has grown. This has been both a good and bad thing. When I stopped reviewing for 9 months I lost almost 500 followers. I was bummed when I returned. I had to start at square one again. It took me awhile to gain my footing. I came back to a world that was very different from when I had left it.

    Though there are still friendships it is now impossible to know ALL the reviewers. I am making it my mission to not lose touch and fell into this hole of now personal communication. Instead of just blogging I comment on AT LEAST 5 blogs I already follow everyday and I look for 2 new blogs to follow everyday. I want to hold on to the personal connections that were so huge when I started.

    I thank the review community for welcoming me back after my hiatus. I missed you guys.

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