Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Elusive Mr. McCoy

The Elusive Mr. MccoyTitle: The Elusive Mr. McCoy         
Author: Brenda L. Baker                
Publisher: Penguin                         
Release: 7/3/2012                         
Source: Publisher                          

Grade: C                                      
Audience: Adults                          

    Lesley McCoy works in a day-care center, and she is planning to start a family of her own. Her husband, David, is a homebody whose job as a wilderness guide takes him away for long periods—but when he’s home, he’s the best partner Lesley could imagine.

   Kendra McCoy is a successful businesswoman whose husband, Eric, is an analyst who specializes in Middle Eastern politics. He supports her enthusiasm and drive to succeed, and is the perfect partner—when he’s home between assignments.

    While trying to identify a man who collapses in a Portland, Oregon, coffee shop, two wallets are found: one belonging to David McCoy, the other to Eric McCoy.

    Devastated by their comatose husband’s betrayal, Kendra and Lesley reluctantly join forces in an attempt to piece together a true picture of the man they both fell in love with. Instead, they uncover a vast web of deceit as they learn their husband lived a third life neither of them suspected.

My thoughts:
     Living near Portland I am always excited to see it mentioned in a book. That was probably the only thing that got me super excited when reading this book. I have been powering through my adult review stack and am about to jump back into YA. This book affirmed why I love YA more than adult books.

    It started off at a pace I didn't enjoy. It took me too long to get into the book and I never really felt "in love" with the story. I had such an odd feeling for this book, it is hard for me to vocalize exactly what the problem was. It was a mix of a bunch of things.

   I never felt a connection to the characters or the story. I was not left wanting more at the end of a single chapter. If this had not been a review book I probably would not have finished it.

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