Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Working with books?

So I just needed to share some exciting news with you guys!

I got a job and today is my first day.

Where will I be working, you ask?

Just this little place... called THE LIBRARY!


Alison said...

Congratulations! The library was my first job ever and I loved it. The only job that I may have liked better (it's arguable) was my college summer at Barnes & Noble. I'd love to go back to working at a bookstore or library. It's be even better to have an MLIS. What will you be doing at the library?

Emily said...

Congrats! Welcome to the Library world. I've had other jobs, but working in a library has always been my favorite. So enjoy it! :)

Life After Jane said...

Congratulations! That sounds like so much fun.

T.V and Book Addict said...

Ahh! That is awesome! Congrats! The closest I've gotten to working with books is volunteering at a library :( but still it was awesome I read a lot! :D