Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

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When Ava gets dumped by her boyfriend, she's pretty upset. He wasn't the love of her life or anything, but with her sister's wedding - a.k.a. the social event of the season - just two weeks away, Ava's got to save face by finding someone cute and fun to bring as her date.

With the clock ticking and no dates in sight, Ava asks her best friend if she can "borrow" her boyfriend, Jason, for the night. Ava's never been a big Jason fan, but he'll look great in a tux, and at least she'll have someone to dance with. But it doesn't take long for Ava to realize she's got him all wrong...

What do you do when Mr. Right is wrapped up in a package that belongs to your best friend?

Wanting someones boyfriend is not original, but it still makes for a fantastic read!

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shirleytemple83 said...

I love the Romantic Comedies series! Everyone is a quick read that makes me laugh! I havent read this one yet, but I have added it to my wishlist! Thanks for posting!