Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review: The Other Woman's House

The Other Woman's House: A Novel
The Other Woman's House
Sophie Hannah
*From a Penguin contact

Grade: B
For adults

    It's past midnight, but Connie Bowskill can't sleep. To pass the time, she logs on to a real estate website in search of a particular house, one she is obsessed with for reasons she's too scared to even admit to herself. As she clicks through the virtual tour, she comes across a scene from a nightmare: a woman lying facedown on the living room floor in a pool of blood. But when she returns to show her husband, there is no body, no blood—just a perfectly ordinary room, with a perfectly clean beige carpet.

My thoughts:
    I had been craving a good mystery and this book filled that desire. Though it was slow at times other parts made up for that. There were parts where I was wondering what the hell could happen next and other parts where I was laughing. Connie was an incredible asset to the story, mixing in her crazyness made for some humor.

    The biggest thing that took away from this book for me was how it eventually became like a Lifetime movie. Everything became very over the top and dramatic. As the twists kept coming, my eyes kept rolling. Somehow through all of that I couldn't put the book down!

    This is not a book that you will be able to figure out. Things keep changing and the mystery is eventually ablaze with clues you never saw coming. Don't go into this looking for a light read. This will keep you flipping page after page until the very end.

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