Monday, March 9, 2009

3 posts notice...

This is part one of my 3 posts to make up for a lazy weekend of kissing boys and getting frost bite :P

Part one:
Fab Friday make up.

Sorry Rachel that this is late. :(

Rachel's blog is:

She started her blog, "I thought it was a great idea, and I read a lot and I think my my friends were getting fed up with me talking only about politics, books and the Red Sox, so Exercise Your Mind a.k.a Read Books was born. Though, unfortunately for my friends, my constantly reccomending books got worse instead of better."

Her advice for new bloggers: "just do whatever you want. If you want ideas don't be afraid to look at someone else's blog for inspiration, there is nothing wrong with thinking something was a good idea. Also, try to get it so people know about your blog, like I put up the link on book divas and on my facebook. Also, tell your school librarian about it, they are often enthusiastic about book blogs, and they will probably be very willing to give reccomendations."

Her thoughts on her favorite review: "I don't know, I love them all. It's nice being able to share my thoughts on books with others. My favorite post however was the interview with Melissa Walker author of Violet on the Runway and sequels. I think, though out of the books I have read since I started the blog, The Friday Night Knitting Club was my favorite. Also look out for interviews with Robin Benway author of Audrey! Wait, Elizabeth Scott author of Perfect You, Bloom, Stealing Heaven, Living Dead Girl and others I can't remember, and Megan McCafferty author of Sloppy Firsts and sequels."

Snipets: Well, I like to post topics to make people "exercise their minds", once was book banning and the topic for the next little while is illegal music downloading. I would love readers to post their thoughts about or email me. My next review is the book called Kissing Snowflakes by Abby Sher, which will hopefully be up tomorrow. I want to finish off saying that because I am doing the A~Z Reading Challenge, there will be a lot of reviews coming your way and hopefully some more author interviews

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