Friday, March 20, 2009

Fab Friday

Hey everyone I'm out of town this weekend so this is a scheduled Fab Friday :)

This week Sharon from is visiting us.

"I originally started my blog to participate in book challenges. At the time I was only reading adult books. Somewhere along the way I started to discover some really cool YA book reviews blogs. I had not picked up a young adult novel in ten years so I was pleased to fall in love with them all over again." Wow Sharon! That's very interesting info right there.

"I have 47 followers if that is what you mean. I never imagined that I would have that many people reading my blog! It's amazing!" I agree! Every time you see a new follower you just cant help but happy dance :)

"My favorite review is for The Shelter Me: It was a fabulous book and very easy for me to review." I'll have to check it out :)

"Here is a little snippet: "Shelter Me starts off with a boom (no pun intended) and never really slows down. The whole atmosphere of London during World War II was very authentic. I did not once question the struggles that Maggie when through. I really felt Maggie's despair when her mother forces her to leave home. "" Wow cant wait to read it!

"Thanks for the interview. It has been fun!" No, Thank YOU Sharon!

If you are interested on Fab Friday we have new questions all ready for you. Drop me an email :)

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sharonanne said...

wow 47 followers. I remember those days. :)