Sunday, March 29, 2009


Since I was out of town on my actual blogs birthday I'm doing a get to know me post today and one next week. This week is 15 things about me. Next week I will answer any questions about me or whatever so comment or email me.

1. My middle name is Ann. I got it from my mom's bestfriend.
2. My biggest fear in the world is bee's.
3. I suck butt at spelling. Give me a word to read and you got it. Ask me to spell and your screwed.
4. I am a facebook addict. I spend more time on there then I should. Can I help it if I'm social?
5. I'm scared to death of graduating high school. Funny thing is I want to do it early.
6. I buy used books :P I have a great job and make big money but seriously sometimes you just like spending $4 on a book!
7. I read with my mom. It started when I was little, us reading the Boxcar Children together but now we've moved on :)
8. I used to be the worst reader. I was so behind.... the poof I was way ahead.
9. I love reading in the bathtub. It's so relaxing.
10. I love watching cartoons. Not all just like two shows. Dont laugh, but I spent to much time trying to grow up when I was little so I love the flashbacks :)
11. I'm scared of needles. I still cry over shots.
12. I'm better at sports then I pretend to be.
13. I still have one doll. I've had him forever and his name has always been brown baby. I dont play with him tho.
14. I'd rather hang with my mom then friends.
15. Hardly any of my friends know I love to read.


MelDawn said...

okay the things we have in common are... 3,4,5,6,8, 11 haha pretty ironic;P

stargirlreads said...

haha thats cool :)