Thursday, March 26, 2009

Giving Up The V

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Giving Up the V
Serena Robar

Grade: A or 5 kisses
Rating: Tv-14 for sexual content and minor violence

Summary: Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon had no summaries available at this time. I’ll give you a quick little peek into the world of Giving up the V with out giving too much away. A certain main character is taken to get birth control for her sixteenth birthday. This brings up the discussion of who should take her virginity. She has no interest in it, but all her guy friends would love to step on up and hit a home run. When a certain athlete shows up at her school, she thinks she has found the ONE to deflower her. But has the guy she been looking for been there all along?

Thoughts: When I first received this book I thought it would be just like Forever or Anatomy of a Boyfriend. I am pleased to tell you it was far from either of those. Don’t get me wrong, both of those were great, but the whole aspect of this book was not firsts and dating. There were quirky things thrown in to make it a lighter book, needless to say I laughed a few times. I also liked the notes the author put in at the end. They were adorable and you got a deeper understanding of how the book came to be.

My recommendation: This book is definitely for more mature readers. I would NOT tell any middle school kids to read it as you should enjoy middle school without all the sex. High School girls will love this book and remember it forever. Come on, you know you can’t resist a book about losing IT!

Release: This will be released in June! Be sure to snatch a copy!

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prophecygirl said...

This sounds really good! I loved Forever and Anatomy... so I'll definitely look out for this!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

It does seem kind of like an updated version of Forever.

Emily said...

Yeah, I agree with GreenBeanTeenQueen.