Friday, September 11, 2009

Seventeen: True Crime

Cover Image
Title: Seventeen True Crime
Author: Many for 17
Publisher: Hearst Books
Price: $4.95 USD PB
Release: 2007

Grade: A
Rating: 15+
Summary: Barnes and Noble
These stories come directly from the pages of Seventeen magazine. Each one includes a lurid description of the crime, followed by the punishment meted out by the criminal-justice system. The opening story features a preteen murdered by her mother after she confesses to losing her virginity. This is followed by a selection about "lesbian killers" who brutally stabbed one of the girl's grandparents and another entry about an eight-months-pregnant 14-year-old murdered by contract killers hired by the victim's adult boyfriend. One of the more appalling aspects is not only how many of the victims are young girls, but also how many of the perps are. Glossy, full-color, shocking photographs from each story appear in a centerfold. The tone and language are the typical pulpy standard set by the true-crime genre. For Law and Order and Special Victims Unit fans, these tabloid-tastic stories definitely hit the target.

My thoughts:

I had been looking for this book since it was first released. Every time I went to a bookstore I would search for it. Just recently I found a copy at a Barnes and Noble an hour from my house! The stories in this book were so incredibly gripping. Each story was fully told and easily connectable. Even though the stories were horrid they each had a message.

Fans of scary, real life stories.


krystenB said...

I read this one too I think it was and yes they were all intense stories! I def wanna try to find the True Love one, have you read that one?

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