Monday, September 28, 2009

Blogger Interview

If you would like to be interviewed please comment below. Include your name, email and blog link.

Today I have Leslie from here to visit.

1. How long have you been blogging? What made you start?
I have been blogging for about 3 months =) I decided to start blogging because my friends nor my boyfriend read, so a lot of the time they got tired of constantly hearing me talk about books and reviews or current book signings and new releases. I also thought it would be really awesome to express my love for books =) I think they are abs amazing!

2. How much time do you spend blogging each day?
Well I tend to prepare my blog post in a journal before I post them =P I usually tend to spend about 1-2 hrs a day, coming up with my post and reading everyone elses post via my goggle blogger. I love to know what people think of books i've read or even one's I haven't read yet.

3. How many hours do you read each week? What are you currently reading?
I am always reading! People who know me personally know that I always carry around a book or two in my purse =) Right now i'm reading My Name is Will by Jess Winfield and after that I have Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins which is extremely exciting! :D

4. Have you attended any book signings? Who did you meet?
I have attended 3 different book signings. Melissa Marr [Fragile Eternity] was my first, then Lauren Conrad [L.A. Candy] (she is so nice and really pretty in person!) and Rachel Caine [Morganville Vampires] They were all really fun and exciting! :D

LUCKY on the L.C. front!!!!

5. Do any of your real life friends know you review? Do they review as well?
Yes a lot of my close friends know I blog. I'm always talking about it =) and no they don't, but i've gotten a few of them into reading again which makes me feel really good =)

6. Do you feel like you should be able to get school credit for reviewing?
Well if I was in High School then I guess but since I attend college, meh this blog is really just for me and any book lover and it's just something fun and awesome!

7. How do you feel about banned books?
I think that we should read them. I'm always intrigued by why they were banned and most of them have that language feel that is just insightful!

8. Anything unique about you or your blog?
Well I have this meme on Sat's called Quote it Sat, where you can pull some of your favorite quotes from passed books because know a few of us have journals with quotes and I'm a quote collector so it's always interesting to see what quotes other people find interesting or fun!

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