Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogger Interview

Today Steph from is here. Remember if you would like to be interviewed please leave your email in a comment!

1. If you could play the part of any character in a book who would it be?
I don't think I could choose! I'd love to be myself, most of all, and be able to befriend my favourite characters. If I could live in a John Green book, I'd be pretty happy.

2. The great debate: Twilight or Harry potter?
I don't really read fantasy or paranormal romance, so I'm going to have to say neither. But I do find sparkly vampires fundamentally wrong, so if forced to choose one, I'd go with Harry Potter. Luna Lovegood is so awesome!

3. What's unique about your blog?
I aim to be both informative and humorous. As well as book reviews and author interviews, I talk about issues that affect teenagers, writing (my other great passion), and lots of funny anecdotes from my life.

4. Who inspires you with blogging?
I can't pinpoint just one blogger - every single YA book blogger (including you, Ashley!) does a brilliant job of being committed to writing their blog, reading and commenting on other blogs, reviewing books, championing teen fiction and creating an awesome online community for little reward (okay, we get free books...).

5. Is there a blog you have to read daily?
I don't have a specific blog I have to read daily, but I do have to go through my Google Reader every day, otherwise I wind up with hundreds and hundreds of unread posts... and I have to stay up to date with the teen book blogosphere!

6. Ever been to book signings? Who'd you meet?
I haven't been to a book signing, but I was invited to the NSW Writer's Centre Kids & YA Lit festival and had the opportunity to meet a few Australian authors, including Melina Marchetta, author of books like Looking For Alibrandi and Jellicoe Road. Everyone was lovely. I plan on going to lots of book signings in the future! (Maybe one day I'll be the one signing books!) (I mean, they'll be books I wrote. I won't just randomly start signing books that aren't mine!)

7. Do books kick movies butt? :)

8. What would you like people to know about you?
I love being a part of the whole YA book blogging community! In real life, I'm an Australian high schooler and reading and writing are basically my life. Pretty please check out my blog :-)


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Thank you, Nina.