Friday, December 18, 2009

Blogger Interview

Today Jessica from is here to chat. Want an interview? Email me at

When and why did you start blogging?
My first official post was on April 19, 2009, but I had been reviewing books that I read in a binder for about six months prior to that. I started blogging because I love reading and I don't have many friends that read. I wanted a way to talk about all of these amazing books that I was reading, and my friends didn't want to listen. I think Em's Bookshelf was the first blog I discovered, and I just read and read for about an hour. ( the web address for that is )

Who is your favorite author and why?
That's hard and not. I love a lot of authors but if I had to pick one, Kate Brian. I love the Private series! I stole Megan Meede's Guide to the McGowan Boy's and I loved it so much that I had to read more by her. So I picked up Private and a couple weeks later I had all of the books in the series read and on my bookshelf. I can't wait for the 11th book to come out *squeel*

What book is most like your life?
My life is pretty boring, sadly. I wish that my life mirrored a book like in the Bard Academy books, by Cara Lockwood. I wish that my life was like the books Secrets of my Hollywood Life, by Jen Calonita. Besides reading I love to dance and act. And in some ways my life is like Kaitlin's, I deal with boys, friends, and the mean girls.

Secret fictional crush?
I think a lot of people want a guy like Edward Cullen. I do too but I also like Alex and Paco from Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles. Both of them are so sweet and caring even though their supposed to be the tough guys in a gang.

Have you ever met any authors face to face? Who?
I've met a couple children authors at school but I can't remember their names. The only other author I've met is Scott Westerfeld. I met him in middle school and almost had a heart attack. He came to my school and I got Specials signed. I was obsessed with the Uglies series at the time and I was jumping out of my seat when he gave his speech. My friends, who again don't read as much as I do, thought I was nuts.

What author would you want to write a collaborative book with? Why?
Of course Kate Brian, but also Simone Elkeles. I loved Perfect Chemistry and it's my favorite stand alone novel. I can't write novels, I've tried, so our book might not turn out as one of their best works. I'm happy just reading their amazing stories.

What has been your favorite school assigned book? Why?
It wasn't assigned but my teacher almost made me read it because she knew how much I loved reading, Where the Red Fern Grows. I read it in fifth grade and I can remember exactly where I was when I started bawling. I loved the heart and compassion in the story. So not assigned but pretty close. But I also liked To Kill a Mocking Bird, that was a really well put together mystery.

Where should a line be drawn between YA and Adult books?
I really don't think that their has to be a line drawn. I think that teens should read adult books and adults should read YA books. I have a friend who wont read YA because she thinks that it is all mushy and she just doesn't like any of the books that she has tried in YA and she's happy reading adult books. My mom reads my books all the time. She actually makes me request YA books at the library for her so that she can keep up with what I'm reading. She read a book that I was reading and ended up reading the whole series while I didn't even finish the first book. So really I think what ever your interest is go for it!

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