Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breaking up is Really Really Hard to Do

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Title: Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do
Author: Natalie Standiford
Publisher: Little Brown
Price: $9.99 USD PB
Release: June 2005
FTC: This is my personal book that I purchased. I did not receive it from a publisher or author.

Grade: A
Rating: 14+
Summary: (Amazon)
Is he "It?" You know the truly perfect guy? Suddenly Holly isn't sure that her boyfriend is "It." Lina is so sure her teacher Dan is "It" that she begins a risky e-mail relationship with him. Madison's "It" has always been Sean...until she met Stephen. Can there be two "Its?"

My thoughts:
I took more notes as I read so yay for me! I thought this novel was not only hilarious but a fun read in many aspects. It had the adorable best friend’s thing going on as well as the dating dramas lots of High School girls face.

I found one spot that I really connected with so I was really enjoying this book. I wont tell you what part that is because I would have to give to much away and nobody wants a spoiled story! Let’s just say two girls and one guy.

This story was defiantly age realistic. It was about sophomores and since that’s what I am I know what we are up to these days! I saw those girls doing a lot of the things my friends and I do. They also faced the same battles I face!

There was quite a bit of minor swearing but welcome to High School.

I think teen girls should give this series a chance! I really think they’d enjoy it!

“What kind of place was Iowa City? Did they ride tractors down the street?” -Lina

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