Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to be a Vampire

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Title: How to be a Vampire
Author: Amy Gray
Publisher: Candlewick
Price: $14.99 USD
Release: October 13th 2009
FTC: I received this book with the understanding that I would provide an honest review with no compensation.

Characters 20/20
Plot 12/20
Setting 15/20
Cover 15/20
Ending 15/20
Total grade: 77% or C

Sexual content: 5/20
Violence: 20/20
Drugs: 0/20
Underage drinking: 0/20
Swearing: 0/20
Total rating: 13+

Summary: (Amazon)
Welcome to the world of the undead! A comprehensive guide to the vampire lifestyle quenches newcomers’ thirst for lore — and tasteful tips.For those who join the decadent realm of the vampire, eternal life holds juicy perks — charm and strength, shape-shifting and flying, telepathy and super-powered senses. But then again, one becomes . . . so terribly hungry. Is there an etiquette for feeding without causing a scene? How do you set up your crypt? What supernatural foes will make your blood run colder? In this elegant, edgy resource, the newly immortal will find everything they need to know, including:- a quiz to determine your true vampire persona - ways to turn into a vampire — or when a kiss is not just a kiss; and why you should take a look at your family tree - a transformation checklist, including canine teeth and UV sensitivity - a makeup and fashion guide to looking damned good (or just damned) - knowing your weaknesses, from garlic, stakes, and sunlight to a n obsession with counting - 10 signs that your boyfriend is a vampire, including super coolness (body temperature-wise) and a habit of sleeping in - a field guide to vampiric variations around the world and through history

My Thoughts:
Okay I’ll be honest here… I didn’t like this book. For all of you who are devoted readers, you know I’m not a huge fantasy girl in the first place. A book about “being” a vampire is just too creepy for me. Some parts felt as if they were actually trying to teach you to be a vampire or as if they actually believed you could be one. Bizarre is just not my thing.

Keep in mind this is not Twilightish fully. They do reference Twilight occasionally but the vast majority is movies where the vampires are actually sucking blood. What the hell is the deal with the donors? I don’t want to read about humans who actually “donate” there blood by allowing the vamps to suck away. That grossed me out.

If you like vampires then go ahead and give this a try, but if your really only a Twilight person don’t bother.

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