Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Important Info

Hey guys! I wanted you to know a bit that's going on in my life in case I miss a few posts these next few weeks. I am a sophomore in advanced math and this year it got super hard for me! I have finals coming up so I need to study my butt off for Algebra 2 and Chem. I am a more abstract thinker, not what happens when I mix blank with blank.

Also I need to do well because next year I will be going to the community college. I will finish all of High School in that one year and move on to college the next! It'll be tough but I'm done with High School.

Anyways wish me luck these next few weeks... AND as I turn 16 on January 11th :)


Bostan said...

I hope you do great!!!
Cool your turning 16! i am a year away until i turn that number.

Emily said...

Good Luck! And I thought you were homeschooled?