Monday, November 10, 2008

Middle School Review- Week One

Before I start this I should explain what it is. Girls are reading books that discuss topics they are yet to understand. I was one of those girls once upon a time. By 15 we start to know what most things are, although I must say I was a tad confused when it came to some terms in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. My little sister and some of her friends see me reading books. They will ask if its a good book and I say yes, for someone older then you. That only encourages them to read it. Middle School Review will give us an insight as to what girls, like my 6th grade sister, are reading. The fact that she turns read discussing this book shows she is to young. I myself read it when I was in 6th grade but I was more grown up than she was in that point of time. The time to read a book is different for everyone but this just comes to show what books do when your not ready for them. I hope eventually I will be interviewing her on age appropriate books but for the time being it does not appear that way.

"My name is Ruby,
This book is about me."

The stats---
Title: One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies
Author: Sonya Sones
Suggested reading age: 12+

From the back:
It tells the deeply hideous story of what happens when my mother dies and I'm dragged three thousand miles away from my gorgeous boyfriend, Ray, to live in L.A. with my father, who I've never met because he's such a scumbag that he divorced my mom before I was born.

The only way I've ever seen him is in the movies, since he's this mega-famous actor who's been way to busy trying to win Oscars to even visit me once in fifteen years.

Everyone loves my father.
Everyone but me.

This book from a 6th graders point of view:
Me. What book Have you just finished?
Her. You know dummy. You helped me find it.
Me. Tell me anyways...
Her. whatever, its called One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies

Me: Who wrote it?
Her: uh... I think her name is Sonya Sones.
Me: Your lucky I already knew that. What if you'd been wrong?

Did you like it?
Yep! (goes back to her emails)
Pay attention!

How many stars out of five?


Me: Who should read it?
Her: Probably not 6th graders. (her face turns red)
Me: Duh thats what I told you before you read it!

Who Should not read it?
6th graders (red faced again)

Me: What are you gonna read next?
Me: oh my another book not for 6th graders.
Her: You read it in 6th grade
Me: Thats besides the point....


Emily said...

I'm very confused. I'm sorry... :/

teenreadersgather said...

did you read the post before?

addicted reader said...

lol, very funny and amusing. its always funny seeing a six grader embarass themseslves sometimes. lol

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TruBlu93 said...

I'm like you're sister. I read books above my age when I was younger too. And I guess I still kinda do cause there's some thing in book I'm reading that I don't know about.. hehe