Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Book: Treacherous Love

This months novel is Treacherous Love: An anonymous teenagers diary. I try to do books that are not extremely new and popular as we all get tired of reading 8 reviews in one month for a certain book.

Title: Treacherous Love
Author: an anonymous teen girl
Rating: 5 0f 5 stars
Age: 14+

from amazon:
Fourteen-year-old Jennie's life is turning upside down. Her father has walked out, and her anguished mother seeks solace in pills. Her best friend practically abandons her to be with a boyfriend. It seems like Jennie's real best friend is her diary. Then she meets Mr. Johnstone, the substitute math teacher. Jennie has never met such a charismatic teacher. She feels honored when Mr. J. seems to single her out for special attention, and begins to fantasize about him as her boyfriend. When Mr. J. first reveals his feelings for her, she is thrilled by the relationship that grows outside the classroom walls. Then, slowly, Jennie's diary becomes a record of her loneliness, pain, and confusion. Will it also offer her a way to escape from this treacherous love?

From me: We all have our troubles in life. That controlling boyfriend or the over protective parents. A little less common is the love and obsession with a teacher. Through "Jennie's" diary we see the fear and passion this relationship brings. We learn how the attention, needed as it may be, is not a good thing. The story is gripping and heartbreaking. You will feel in ways you wish didnt exist. Over all a powering book but only for more mature readers. Be for warned of sexual themes (what do you expect in a novel about teacher/ student relations). The sex isnt horribly descriptive so it is not a book you'll need be concerned in that way. It is in some ways disturbing.

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