Friday, July 31, 2009

Rich Girls

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Title Rich Girls (A teen nanny book)
Author Victoria Ashton
Publisher HarperCollins
Price $15.99 USD HB

Age 13+
Rating A-

Summary: (Barnes and Noble)
I understand you dated this Byron, didn't you?" Mrs. Warner asked.

"His name is Brian," Adrienne said. "Yes, I did."

"Well," Mrs. Warner said, "wouldn't it be nice if you two got back together? And wouldn't it be wonderful if you did that before the debutante ball?" Mrs. Warner continued. "And then my darling Cameron could find someone more appropriate to escort her to the ball. Oh, Mr. Warner and I would be very grateful if that's what happened."

My thoughts:
It had been awhile since I had read the first Teen Nanny book but Victoria made it easy to remember just where we left off. I loved how the plot kept shifting and secrets began unraveling. I felt that the characters were much more developed in this second installment. The only reason for the minus next to the A was one slow part. It bothered me a bit. Once the story picked back up I was in awe again though.

Recommendation: I recommend this series to fans of Gossip Girl and The Au Pairs.


Bookworm said...

I was so pleasantly surprised by this series! They're glamorous, fun, and cute without being really trashy and stuff. Love 'em! I just wish there were more than 3...

Laina said...

Honestly... I hated the first one of this series and would rather not force myself to read another. Glad you enjoyed them, though!