Friday, July 24, 2009

Would You

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Title: Would You
Author: Marthe Jocelyn
Publisher: Wendy Lamb (Random House)
Price: $15.99 USD Hardback
Release: 2008

Grade: C
Age: PG

Summary: (Amazon)
Natalie and Claire are more than sisters; they're also friends. Only two years apart, they've always shared secrets, clothes, and a bedroom, and Natalie can't imagine what it's going to be like in the fall when Claire goes away to college. Only Claire doesn't go away. At the beginning of the summer, she's struck by a car and suffers massive head trauma. The next time Natalie sees her is at the hospital. There are tubes snaking in and out of her swollen body and there's a crisscrossing of stitches on her shaved head. This is not Claire's story, but Natalie's. It takes place over the course of 12 days of grief and coping, and continuing to live when the unimaginable happens. Natalie, her friends, and her family are well delineated, but as the story is told from Natalie's point of view, hers is the most complete portrayal.

My Thoughts: This novel was not at all what I expected. The start was slow and I didn’t like that there were some aspects that were super dull. The writing style was impressive, but the plot was lacking. I would try another book by Marthe but this one was not for me. It was nice to see all the emotions captured though.

Recommendation: People who don’t mind a slow start.

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