Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a Life

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Title: What a Life!
Author: Ola Lydia Taiwo

Grade: A-
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: (From Amazon) Ola faced several years of abuse. She was abused verbally, physically and emotionally - the physical scars are still there to prove it; the broken teeth and head injuries - All this at the hands of her own mother and father. It was strange that even the courts and the Social Services were well and truly deceived. This book is a personal, reflective account of a tough life.

My thoughts: When I was contacted about reviewing this shortly after Child Abuse Month I jumped at the chance. This was a serious issue and I felt the need to get into it yet again.

I loved how this was a true story and Ola was able to share the dark aspects so many hide. It was extremely brave of her and I applaud her for that. The many different times we see abuse in this story are shocking. How a mother could act this was just appalls me. Kinda ironic that its yet another true abuse story where the mom abuses and the dad allows it.

The only thing I didn’t find extremely FANTASTIC was the flow. I felt like it bounced around a bit too much. The fact of the matter is when you devour a book that wont matter as much.

Recommendation: This is a tough story, with real physical abuse. Use discretion. For fans of A Child Called It.

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