Sunday, February 14, 2010


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Sara Shepard
Harper Teen
$16.99 USD
January 19th
FTC: This is my book. I did not receive it from the publisher.

Characters 20/20
Plot 17/20
Setting 20/20
Cover 18/20
Ending 20/20
Total grade: 95% A

Sexual content: 0/20
Violence: 15/20
Drugs: 0/20
Underage drinking: 0/20
Swearing: 0/20
Total rating: 13+

Summary: (Goodreads)
Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer have been telling some outrageous tales; only, the proof always seems to go missing. The friends insist they’re telling the truth, but all of Rosewood thinks they’re just out for attention—and nobody likes a girl who cries wolf. So when the big bad killer comes after them, will anyone believe the girls . . . or will they be the next to disappear?

My Thoughts:
When I started this book I was disappointed. A lot of new ideas are introduced that just don’t fit in right away. Eventually they all tied in and I was happy with the story, I just had to give it time.

The plot was pretty typical to the series but that’s what I came looking for anyways. The cover bugged me a bit though. The pink with red hair was quite the bright clash. As for the ending… IT WAS AWESOME. There was a BIG shocker and a possible end to the where’s Ali and who killed her madness. You will be surprised, its not who you think it is, I can guarantee.

Shepard leaves us many hints in this book! Look for them!

Here is a random quote I found by opening to a random page.

“Um… no. We’re pretty progressive.”

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Wrighty said...

I've been wondering about this one. So glad it got better and you enjoyed it. I always appreciate knowing that about a book, that it's worth it to get past a rough beginning. I love surprise endings too. Great review!