Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

Here is what I hope to buy this week!

*No pictures because Barnes and Noble is acting up! Sorry :(*
Five Minutes More
Darlene Ryan
Summary: Amazon
D'Arcy’s dad used to tell her that she could survive anything for just five minutes more, but when he drives his car off a bridge, it appears that even five minutes more with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) was too much for him. While trying to cope with her grief and adjust to her new, fatherless life, D’Arcy distances herself from everyone she was previously close to but finds a modicum of comfort in math tutor Seth’s unquestioning and uncomplicated presence. She also begins to cut class and drink, playing off the sympathy of teachers and counselors to get away with her indiscretions. Soon, though, Seth turns out to be much more complicated than D’Arcy had noticed in her fog of self-absorption, and his suicide attempt provokes her to run away from home. Some revelations and final reconciliations seem rushed, but this compelling drama’s bittersweet and hopeful conclusion is its salvation.
I like sad books and have been craving a good book with real emotion lately.

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Morgan said...

It does sound very sad and that it would bring out a lot of emotions. But also sounds like a pretty good book.