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Amy Efaw
August 2009
FTC: I received this book from the publisher with the understanding that I would provide an honest review for no compensation.

Characters 20/20
Plot 20/20
Setting 15/20
Cover 20/20
Ending 18/20
Total grade: 93% A

Sexual content: 12/20
Violence: 8/20
Drugs: 4/20
Underage drinking: 5/20
Swearing: 5/20
Total rating: 14+

Summary: (Amazon)
Fifteen-year-old Devon Davenport lies on the sofa mindlessly watching morning TV. She is in physical pain, and her only recourse is to mentally disconnect. Suddenly her life turns upside down and she is left wondering what happened. Why is she being charged with attempted murder? Through a series of conversations with her court-appointed attorney, Devon begins to uncover deep-seated resentments and awaken to the fact that she had been pregnant, has given birth to a baby, and thrown the infant into a Dumpster.

My Thoughts:
I took some notes again while reading this one so hopefully I can give you all a good review (: !! First off I want to say I love this cover. At first glance it looks so simple, like there isn’t much going on, but then once you really look at it you can see a whole story.

As I started this book I was impressed. The start was unusual and intriguing. I felt like I had to know more, right then and there. From the start the point of view was a bit weird though. It felt like we were in Devon’s head but someone else was narrating. I don’t know how to explain it other then that really. I have to say I liked it though.

The plot itself was heart wrenching! I was almost in tears at many points. I was constantly thinking “who could do that” and “why would she”. The explanations for her actions were so deep. You had to really dig in to the character, you had to be her. I love that in a book.

Parts of this book were super hard to read. I love babies and I hope to be a mom when I’m older. This girl is a year younger than me or so. I couldn’t believe someone so much like me could do something so horrendous. As you get deeper into the plot the reasons become clearer. You won’t condone what she did but you can understand at least. I think another reason this book was so hard on me were the words. Each word set the tone perfectly. There was a constant voice pulling at your heart. The incorporation of poetry in one chapter also did that.

As Devon starts having flashbacks we can start figuring out who she really is. I love that we are learning with her. Nether one of us knows before the other. She was seeing things in a different light, discovering who she is as a person.

I would recommend this to teenage girls, probably only the older ones. I also recommend this to those involved in shaping teens lives. This may include parents and educators.

Here are some quotes I found while reading the book.

“There are so many freaking weirdos around.” –Devon’s mom

“What kind of mother wouldn’t know her own daughters pregnant?” –Devon’s mom screaming at the cops.

“They’d laughed at her. Yeah, they’d be the kind to have lice and stds.” –Devon thinks upon her arrival at the detention center.

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anotherpageisused said...

Two words: Amazing Book!

I loved this book so much. It was so good. I loved the story line and the characters. I really couldn't find any bad things to say about this book when I reviewed it.

Good review, Ash!

-Lexi (: