Tuesday, March 9, 2010

North of Beautiful

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North of Beautiful
Justina Chen Headley
February 2009
FTC: This is a library book, I did not receive it from the publisher or author.

Characters 10/20
Plot 15/20
Setting 15/20
Cover 20/20
Ending 10/20
Total grade: 70% C

Total rating: 12+

Summary: (Amazon)
Terra's body is very nearly perfect, except for the port-wine birthmark on her left cheek, which several surgeries have failed to remove. It is the teen's final semester of high school and she looks forward to college where she can study art and escape from her bullying, verbally abusive father. Over the Christmas holidays, Terra and her mother get into a car accident and meet Jacob, a Goth Chinese boy with a cleft lip, and his adoptive mother. The women immediately strike up a supportive friendship, while Terra and Jacob grow close. When Terra's brother, who lives in Shanghai, sends her and her mother tickets to visit, and Jacob's mother wants to try to track down Jacob's birth mother, they decide to travel together. But what about Erik, Terra's enamored but slightly clueless boyfriend?

My Thoughts:
I hate to do this. I am usually generous with my reviews, but this book did not cut it for me. I knew so many people who “LOVED” this book but I can’t see why. I am happy I read it but I would not go buy it. I thought the plot was lacking and something about the characters just made me not like them. Every review I have seen for this book has been A’s or 5 stars. That’s what made me pick up this book. I think young teen girls should read it, it addresses body issues, but get it from the library first just to make sure its your kind of book.

Here is a random quote I found by opening to a random page:

“Trust me, I never thought I would,” I said, and all but sprinted back to the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

I agree. This book took me forever to get into and I don't really know why. I thought the plot was unique and I liked the characters. There are also some great issues addressed in this book one as you mentioned being body image and self esteem etc. But yeah, something was missing and I still have no idea what. :/

Must Love Books said...

Agreed. I didn't like it as well. The characters were frustrating and the plot was slow. I didn't get into the book until the second part of it.