Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Snowball Effect

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The Snowball Effect

Holly Nicole Hoxter



March 23 2010

FTC: I received this book from the publisher with the understanding that I would provide an honest review for no compensation.

Characters 20/20

Plot 18/20

Setting 20/20

Cover 20/20

Ending 20/20

Total grade: 98% A

Total rating: 13+

Summary: (Amazon)

Lainey Pike can tell you everything you need to know about the people in her family just by letting you know how they died. Her reckless stepfather drove his motorcycle off the highway and caused the biggest traffic jam in years. Her long-suffering grandmother lived through cancer and a heart attack before finally succumbing to a stroke. And Lainey's mother—well, Lainey's mother hanged herself in the basement just days after Lainey's high school graduation.

Now Lainey's five-year-old brother is an orphan and her estranged older sister is moving back home to be his guardian. Meanwhile, Lainey's boyfriend is thinking about having a family of their own, and her best friends are always asking the wrong sorts of questions and giving advice Lainey doesn't want to hear. As she tries to pull away from everything familiar, Lainey meets an intriguing new guy who, through a series of Slurpees, burgers, and snowballs, helps her to make peace with a parent she never understood.

My Thoughts:

Before I started this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. You constantly hear “oh its (so and so’s) first book so I don’t expect much” but I am starting to disagree. I have recently seen some new authors who are kicking the asses of some “developed” authors. Maybe it’s the fact that they aren’t going off on tangents like some of these “developed” authors do. I don’t care to read series with 12 books… Anyways now that you have some background of how I feel I want to say, I LOVED THIS!

The plot was very different and stood on its own. The only lack was towards the front. This book took me longer to read but it had nothing to do with it being a bad book. I was honestly savoring it. The characters speak directly to you, you feel as if they are your friends.

I would recommend this book to all teen girls. Heck, lets make this required school reading!

Last side note: anyone else reminded of the stacking cup craze by the cover?


Here is a quote I liked while reading the book:

“Love wasn’t a buffet. I couldn’t have everything that looked good.”


Maria the Bookworm said...

Required school reading, that would be awesome! Anyway, great review :)

Bostan said...

loved your review!! I have been wanting to read this book.

I Heart Monster said...

Great review!!! I've been wondering about this one. Thanks for the awesome.

Love Always, said...

this book sounds really depressing. but it wasn't?

Laina said...

I want this one!!! And yeah, it reminds me of the cup stacking, too XD