Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crash Into Me

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Crash into Me

Albert Borris

Simon Pulse


July 2009

FTC: This is a library book. I am not being compensated in any manner for my review.

Characters 15/20

Plot 15/20

Setting 20/20

Cover 15/20

Ending 15/20

Total grade: 80% B

Total rating: 14+


Introverted Owen, brash confabulator Audrey, struggling lesbian Jin-Ae, and alcoholic Frank don't seem to have much in common, but they bond online over a shared interest: to commit suicide. Some of them have already made repeated attempts, and now they make a pact. They take a cross-country road trip from New Jersey, visiting the graves of famous people who have killed themselves, that will culminate at Death Valley. There, they will take their own lives—no backing down, no changes of heart. But as they crisscross the states, these isolated, unhappy teens begin to connect over more than just their desire to die; as they share their darkest secrets and most cherished wishes, real friendship and even romantic love develop. As the end of their trip grows closer, the time comes to decide: Is life worth living in spite of the pain, or do they keep their deadly promise?

My Thoughts:

This book was not as good as I expected it to be. From all of the summaries I had read I expected an awesome book, instead I received a good book. I felt that it took to long to really get exciting. The only explanation we got for where it started was the IM’s we read throughout the entire book. The characters were not very likeable; they actually kind of pissed me off. Maybe that was the way the author thought it needed to be but I was not a fan. There were a few parts that had me laughing out loud (like the fact that I realized my mom named her dog after an athlete who later became known as a rapist and cannibal. The lovely things I learned from this book.). I would recommend this to readers who have an interest in suicide books.


  1. Party in Your Bedroom (Cash Cash)
  2. Secrets (One Republic)
  3. Vienna (Billy Joel)
  4. Dance Floor Anthem (Good Charlotte)
  5. Dead and Gone (TI)

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Jane said...

I felt pretty much the same way. The book sounded totally amazing, and to me it was just okay. I thought it could have been expanded on a lot more than it was.