Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

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by Deborah Davis

How do you learn to love the person who scares you the most?

Kayla’s mom calls their moves as, “Starting a new chapter.” Five in the past two years. Each time it’s the same: Marilyn promises to stop drinking, breaks her promise, and they’re off again.

This time it’s New Mexico. But something feels different. Kayla is putting down roots, starting her own dog-walking business, and spending time with Remy, a twenty-four-year-old musician. He’s her refuge from Marilyn’s daily struggle with sobriety. But Kayla is only fifteen. Does an older man really offer Kayla the refuge she needs? Or is the safety she craves actually with the person who scares her most?

I really enjoy the books that involve family issues. Also a "relationship" between an older guy and younger girl is exciting.

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