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Enter If You Dare

Enter If You Dare

Ripley Authors

Ripley’s Publishing


Release: August 10th 2010

FTC: I received this from the publisher with the understanding that I would provide an honest review for no compensation.

Total grade: B

Total rating: 12+


For the legions of dedicated Ripley’s fans, and anyone else on the planet who loves unbelievable facts and jaw-dropping images, the latest annual in our bestselling series is a feast of delights. Be amazed at a pink dolphin, the student no bigger than her school bag, an island of lost dolls, and sword swallowing feats past and present.

A compendium of incredible and bizarre facts, stories, interviews and features, presented in a stunning new design, this book also offers access to our fully-integrated website featuring astounding video clips. Icons throughout the book direct the reader to the clips on the website, where they can see some of our subjects in action.

There are intriguing interviews with some of the astounding individuals who are featured in the book spotlight their achievements and reveal more about what motivates them.

A dramatic eight-page gatefold section presents some extraordinary true tales about vampires, and how these fiends have been dispensed with in the past. Two additional 4-page pullouts feature life-size images that will astound you.

Informative “Ripley’s Research” boxes give the scientific explanation behind some of the most incredible tales in the book, such as the girl who is a fraction of the size of her school friends.

“Ripley’s Reveal” spreads give an insight into the world of some of the Ripley performers—past and present—that feature in the book.

Gallery spreads contain multiple images focusing on particular subjects such as Ripley’s waxwork heads, Mona Lisa replicas made from replica materials.

Additional black and white Ripley archive photographs feature throughout the book, and miscellaneous lists are also scattered throughout.

My Thoughts:

I enjoy the strange facts Ripley has to offer! There are the weird and the quirky. The biggest problem I have is how long they are. I feel that a few “not so strange” could be cut so by the time you make it half way through the book you are not fully drained. I recommend this to people who love odd but true.

I live fairly close to Newport, Oregon, which houses a Ripley’s Museum. While reading this book I learned that there are only a little over a dozen Ripley’s in the US. Makes me wonder why a small beach town in cold Oregon would be chosen (:

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