Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Post

I first want to thank Ashley for allowing me to talk with you today.

My name is Sean McCartney and I am the author of the new young adult action adventure series entitled THE TREASURE HUNTERS CLUB: SECRETS OF THE MAGICAL MEDALLIONS which is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and my publisher's web site You can also check out my web site at to see more about the series.

I’ve been asked what it has been like working for a small publisher like Mountainland? I’ve got to say it has been both rewarding and frustrating, and at times those same feelings in the same day.

I liked the idea of a small publisher from the start. I felt I would get more personal attention, and you do; I also felt a small publisher would have more interest in my book succeeding because they would have a vested interest.

The other thing I didn’t realize you get from working with a small publisher is input. I have been with my publisher through every aspect of the book. I’ve been asked my opinions and they are taken seriously and sometimes even used. The other nice thing is they always get back to you in short amount of time.

Of course this leads to some drawbacks with working with a small publisher. Some are obvious and others not.

You don’t get huge distribution or large promotional budgets to spread the word. In many instances you get a small to no advance. In fact I don’t receive any up front money, however, my royalty rate is much higher than other authors.

To be honest that doesn’t mean all that much to me. I’m about the number of books sold. If I can make The Treasure Hunters Club the next great series that every kid wants to read I would have done my job as a writer. It could also lead to me doing this as a full time job.

I believe it’s different for everyone and you have to make the choice on how you want to proceed. There are many ways to get your voice out there. Find what works for you and go for it.

Remember the only who can tell you “you can’t” is yourself and you don’t have to listen.

Thank you again for your time. I won’t beg, that’s undignified, but go out and pick-up a copy of THE TREASURE HUNTERS CLUB: SECRETS OF THE MAGICAL MEDALLIONS, or pick up two or three and make some friends. It’s a read you’ll enjoy.


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