Saturday, July 31, 2010

Interview: Kate Cann

Today Kate Cann, who has written novels such as California Holiday, Diving In, Possessed and many more, is here to chat.

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1. Where did your ideas for Possessed come from? I know this is a common question but the answers each author gives always blows me away. Strange how stories come from so many places!

Like all my books, Possessed came from several unconnected things colliding. I was intrigued by the whole idea of manipulation between people and the power friends can hold over each other … a friendship group can behave a bit like a cult. I moved out to the countryside and felt my link with nature deepening. I went to the autumn fire festivals in Sussex and was blown away by the time-honoured (sp), half-forgotten traditions - they still have such resonance. (Check out the photos on my website!) And then I spent a night at the 1000 year old haunted mansion that I’ve based Morton’s Keep on ….. one of the most frightening nights of my life ….

2. Do you believe is the ideas of Ghosts and Possession?

I don’t really think that a dead person can come back looking just as they did in life – and walk through walls. But you only have to go to a place where something tragic happened to know that energies can linger. I think people leave some kind of trace behind them. The air at the old mansion house really did seem clotted with its past. As for the idea of possession …again, it’s all about energies and influences. In my book LEAVING POPPY, the twisted old ghoul in the attic could be possessing Poppy …or maybe Poppy’s just affected by what she finds out about the old lady …it all works as a kind of metaphor.

3. Were you ever so wrapped up in the story while writing that you got creeped out?

Great question! I did wonder where all the ideas for the hideous past of the Keep were coming from …I was a little concerned I had a nasty mind …

4. The sequel, Consumed, is coming to the US February 2011. What do you want fans of Possessed to know about Consumed?

That they have to read it! The two books are really two halves of a whole; when I wrote the sequel, in some ways it felt not so much a progression as going deeper into the first book – uncovering deeper, darker layers. It was almost spooky the way it all unravelled (sp), as though I’d planned it subconsciously. It was very exciting to write. Oh – and Ethan takes a far bigger role ….

5. Were you involved with picking the cover? How do you feel about the cover?

No, not at all. I like it, although I’m not sure how much it reflects what’s going on in the book.

6. When writing what are your must haves? (A mocha, a song, etc?)

A long walk, a big breakfast, then silence for three hours.

7. Have you been faced with rejection over a book you have written? How did you handle it, if so?

I’ve been very lucky. After my first book DIVING IN was taken up, I’ve always had a contract for the book I’ve been writing. But things are getting tougher and I’ve just had an idea for a new book called WITCH CRAG turned down, so I’m not sure what’s happening now. It’s hard!

8. Any last thoughts you wish to share with my readers?

Just to say thank you again, Ashley, for such a great review and an interesting interview! And to encourage them to give Possessed a go …mini synopsis coming up …Rayne flees from inner city hell and a possessive boyfriend to work in at Morton’s Keep, deep in the English countryside, where she gradually learns about its bloodstained past and dark secrets. She meets a glamorous new group of friends in the nearby town – they’re very seductive but are they interested in her - or the house – and if it’s the house - why? The woods draw her, but frighten her too. She’s not sure who she can trust – evil’s coming but she’s not sure where from - and she’s going to need all her courage to get through.

9. Would you direct us to your website, please? And I always reply personally to any email I get!

Thanks so much for coming Kate! I encourage my readers to try Possessed. It was amazing!

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