Thursday, May 7, 2009


Judy Blume is a fantastic writer. Forever is one of my favorites.

So many novels make sex sound so fantastic. The first time is perfect, la-de-da. In reality it can be confusing, painful and messy. Forever captures that through out. I also like how she adds some humor to its seriousness. Ralph anyone? :)

I read Forever in 8th grade. Would I reccommend it then? Probably not. I was a very mature 8th grader. Not one of those sit on the bed laughing like a lunatic types. I knew more than I should and that sometimes got me into sticky situations. Forever was still an eye opener for me. if you are thinking of having sex you should definatly read it.


Anonymous said...

I'll probably read it.

Laina said...

I think I read it in like 6th grade. Maybe 5th. Had to be before 6th because that's the last year I did at my elementary and I got it from there... Yeah, maybe a bit young. I was fine though.